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Every year, over six million youths leave secondary schools in Nigeria to attempt Jamb for higher learning many of which do not gain admissions in their first and sometimes second attempts.

More-so, because they have not been prepared to face the new life they find themselves, frustration begins to set in, peer pressure begins to build up, wrong exposure begins to get a hold on them leaving their parents troubled many times resulting to high blood pressure.

Support from AIW AWARDS Awardees will help women and youth get trained through every copy of FUN PHYSICS ordered in recognition of their contributions of improving our economy.

The project will help prepare our youths, empower them economically and equip them with life skills that will guide them. With our ID card, they can gain internship opportunit(ies) with our partner organizations when they are waiting for jamb and also they can use it in over 160 countries to access discounts at airlines, in malls and also at cinemas.

Furthermore, best performing students will have their full tuition scholarship paid in full to your school with engaging online presence of your school especially on Instagram which will help promote the good work you do to both existing and prospective parents.

If you would like us to work with your esteemed school in preparing your students for a brighter future, please find attached our letter of invitation requesting that you fill out the form through the link provided.

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